Born on July 11, 1984 in North Las Vegas, Nevada David Wright Jr. was his birth giving name. He grew up in a single parent home with two older siblings and a younger brother. With no father figure in his life due to incarceration D-Meis quickly became addicted to the street life. Learning how to utilize the best of both world’s books and street smarts he was writing poetry and lyrics by the age of 9. By time he reached Jr. High School he had a passion for entertaining.

After the death of Tupac Shakur on September 11, 1996 D-Meis begin to work with various local producers gaining more knowledge of the music business. Preparing his self to become a independent powerhouse. In 2002 as a senior in High School D-Meis branded his own record company “NUTT WEST NATION”. Due to the gang culture in Las Vegas his goal was to unite a divided city. Selling records out the trunk , grinding and networking, producing his own tracks he became a one man bandstand. In 2003 he dropped his first underground album “Tha Orchestrated Plot” followed by “D.E.A.D. to tha World” in 2005 then “A.L.I.V.E. in tha Cin” six months later in 2006. In 2007 he made his fourth solo album “Reincarnated”. In 2008 D-Meis teamed up with Bobby Gunnz for their first album {Team A.O.B.}“Ear 2 Tha Streetz”

Putting together various compilations in between these album the Nutt West Nation catalog was over 15 albums strong by 2010. While in the process of making their second album in 2011 {Team A.O.B.} “Tha Stick-Up” album D- Meis was incarcerated. Upon his release D-Meis wouldn’t step back into a studio to record until December of 2012. Where he began to record his fifth solo album “LIVING THE LAST ELEMENT”.

Teaming up with MOUNT-N-WEST ENT. And taking a whole new approach with his music D-Meis decided to stray away from the club and party music. He wants people to think so his storyboard is out of the norm. Taking a political approach speaking to the masses about modern day realities D-Meis is set to change the face of hip hop once again. In a league of his own D-Meis is the face of Las Vegas hip hop.